Capital Area Minor Football Association 

                                                      National Coaching Certification Program    

                               Coaching  Clinics:  Level I- Theory 
                               Level I- Technical (Canadian Rules Football)

May 7-8, 2005

Leo Hayes High School- Fredericton
Classroom A205 (Upstairs)  

                                                   Instructor:  Kevin Artichuk- Certified N.C.C.P Level IV 
                                           Assistant Coach- University of Calgary


                           Saturday, May 7 

                           8:30- 10:00      Level I Theory
10:00-10:15      Break 
10:15-12:00      Level I Theory 
12:00-12:15      Riddell Equipment Fitting Video  
                          12:15-12:30      Lunch 
12:30-15:00      Level I Theory 
15:00-15:15      Break 
15:15-16:45      Level I Theory  

May 8  

                            8:30-10:00      Level I Technical  
10:00-10:15     Break 
10:15-12:00     Level I Technical 
12:00-12:30     Lunch 
12:30-15:00     Level I Technical 
15:00-15:15     Break 
15:15-16:45     Level I Technical  

                            Notes: If weather on Sunday is suitable, clinic may begin at 8:30 A.M. 
on playing field next to the school.  

                                       Coffee, donuts, pop, juice and a sandwich lunch will be provided. 
Please bring a pen and some notepaper.                                         

                                       Cost of clinic (textbook included):         

                                                      Football New Brunswick Members: $75
                                                      Non-Members: $125
                                                      Capital Area Minor Football will pay for its coaches.

To register contact Terry McIntyre at (w) 458-0824, (h) 459-8726,