August 27, 2010  

This document constitutes a partnership between School District #18 and the Capital Area Minor Football Association (CAMFA) regarding the Middle Level Football program.  CAMFA will partner with the following: Nashwaaksis Middle School, Devon Middle School, George Street Middle School and Bliss Carman Middle School to offer an opportunity for students to participate in the sport of Canadian Football.  

School District #18 believes that its students can benefit through this opportunity.  The CAMFA is a program that is grounded in our basic educational beliefs, providing quality coaching, fun, fair play and sportsmanship, a safe and healthy environment and the production of well developed citizens.  

The CAMFA has operated middle level football programming since the establishing of a “pilot” as a fall sport, 2003.  District #18 believes that young athletes should be exposed to a wide range of activities, therefore, this partnership reflects the above and our community’s traditions.   

Agency Roles & Responsibilities  

  • Management of the middle level football program is the sole responsibility of the CAMFA.
  • All funds associated to the program, purchase of uniforms, equipment, etc, is the responsibility of CAMFA.
  • Policies and procedures for participating teams are the sole responsibility of CAMFA and its organizers; along with all liability. 
  • Participating teams will not be named by school, however the nicknames associated ie  Eagles, Crusaders, Nordics, Wildcats can be used.
  • Schools will communicate to parents information regarding the program but will not participate in any administration of team or league. 
  • Participating schools can communicate game results, practice and game information to the student body and school community via appropriate systems.
  • Schools will recognize the accomplishments of the athletes who participate in the program at year end award ceremonies. 

Communication Protocol  

School District #18 and CAMFA will communicate with each other regarding the direction of the middle level football program.  This will include: Learning Specialist for Physical Education and Health, Middle Level School Sport Co-ordinator, Principal of each participating school and the President of CAMFA.   

Garth Wade,
Learning Specialist (Physical Education/Health)
School District #18  

Terry McIntyre
Past President,
Capital Area Minor Football Association

Alan Atkins
Nashwaaksis Middle School

Pierre Plourde
George Street Middle School

Peter Steeves / John Hamilton
Principal,         Vice-Principal
Bliss Carman Middle

Patty Oxford
Acting Principal,
Devon Middle School

Norman Russell
Middle Level Sport Co-ordinator
School District #18