Below please find  a listing of our football resource publications. Players and coaches registered with C.A.M.F.A. can make arrangements to borrow these items by calling Terry McIntyre at 458-0824 (Work/Voice Mail) or 459-8726 (Home).



Beginner's Guides to Football

Football for Dummies Howie Long/407 pages
The Complete Idiots Guide to Football Joe Theismann/375 pages
Football Made Simple- A Spectators Guide Dave Ominsky/129 pages

Novice Coaching

An Introduction to Football- A Guide for Novice Coaches  Football Canada/72 pages
Know Your Game: Football Marc Bloom/60 pages
Rookie Coaches Football Guide Pop Warner Football/75 pages
Coaching Youth Football-Second Edition American Sport Education Program/168 pages
Teaching Kids Football Bo Schembechler/75 minutes

Coaching- General

Vince Lombardi on Football- Volume I Vince Lombardi/224 pages
Vince Lombardi on Football- Volume II Vince Lombardi/224 pages
Coaching Football Successfully Bob Reade/180 pages
Football Coaching Strategies American Football Coaches Association/203 pages
Basic Football Fundamentals Gino Fracas-Football Canada/264 pages
Building Your High School Program Joseph G. Pacelli/137 pages

Coaching- Offense

Football's Best Offensive Playbook Dwight "Dee" Hawkes/131 pages
Football- Winning Offense Bud Wilkinson/205 pages
Offensive Football Drills American Football Coaches Association/171 pages
The Explosive Double Slot Offense Tom F. Smythe/159 pages
Phil Simms on Passing Phil Simms/205 pages
Joe Montana's Art and Magic of Quarterbacking  Joe Montana/212 pages

Coaching- Defense

Football- Winning Defense Bud Wilkinson/175 pages
Defensive Football Drills American Football Coaches Association/157 pages
Football's Super Split: The Underdog Defense Bill Siler/216 pages
Complete Linebacking Lou Tepper/312 pages

Special Teams

Guide to Special Teams George Allen/225 pages
How to Kick the Football Edward J. "Doc" Storey/128 pages


Purchasing & Maintaining Football Equipment Football Canada/50 pages
Fitting Football Equipment Properly Riddell/30 minutes

Coaching Certification

Level I Coaching Manual- Second Edition 1995 Football Canada/250 pages
Level I Coaching Manual- First Edition 1975 Football Canada/148 pages


Level I Officials Manual Canadian Football Officials Association/59 pages
Level II Officials Manual Canadian Football Officials Association/117 pages
Canadian Rulebook for Tackle Football Football Canada/168 pages
Canadian Rulebook for Touch Football Football Canada/80 pages

Conditioning, Strength Training, Injuries and Nutrition

Complete Conditioning for Football Michael Arthur & Bryan Bailey/286 pages
A Beginner's Strength & Conditioning Program (Ages 8-16) Football Canada/52 pages
Strength Training for Young Athletes William J. Kraemer/214 pages
Weight Training Frank Ryan/84 pages
Getting Stronger Bill Pearl/447 pages
Strength Training for Football Bruno Pauletto/126 pages
Sports Medicine-Prevention, Evaluation, Management and Rehabilitation Steven Roy & Richard Irvin/540 pages
Complete Guide to Sports Injuries H. Winter Griffith/528 pages
Sport Stretch Michael Alter/154 pages
Stretching Bob Anderson/192 pages
Sports Nutrition Guidebook Nancy Clark/322 pages
Canada's Food Guide Health Canada/12 pages

General Interest

The Name Game-How Sports Teams Were Named Michael Donovan/242 pages
Hey, I'm Talking Pro Football John Madden/262 pages
Legends of Autumn- The Glory Years of Canadian Football Denny Boyd & Brian Scrivener/170 pages
Flutie Doug Flutie/192 pages
1995 Canadian Football League- Facts, Figures & Records Canadian Football League/297 pages
A Passing Game- A History of the CFL Frank Cosentino/400 pages
Beyond Winning- The Timeless Wisdom of the Great Philosopher Coaches Gary Walton/183 pages
Fundraising for Sport and Recreation-70 Step-By-Step Plans  William Stier/208 pages
More Fantastic Fundraisers for Sport and Recreation-70 Step-By-Step Plans  William Stier/222 pages