Capital Area Minor Football Association
CFL Squirt Flag Football Rules

                                                Complete Rules

Condensed Rules


                                                                     Changes for 2008  

In order to conform more closely with Football Canada Flag Football Rules the following changes are being made:

1-The width of the playing field has been reduced from 40 yards to 25 yards:

Game fields will be 80 yards between the goalposts with 10 yard end zones. Fields will be 25 yards wide.

2-The number of players on the field has been reduced from 12 to 6:

Number of Players:
     Each team will have 6 players on the field at any time.

3-During each offensive series a different player must be the one advancing the ball on each down:

Offensive Plays: 
On each of the 5 downs a different player must carry the ball or be the target of a pass.

4-An equal play rule has been put into effect:

Equal Play Rule::

    Each player will play one half of the game on offence and one half on defence. The switch will take place at half time. Where a  team has less than 12 players one or more players will have to remain on the field when possession of the ball changes. This should be done through a rotation that maintains equal play for all. No players are permitted to play the entire game.