"Devon Lumber " CFL Squirt Flag League Schedule (Ages 8-9)

                                                                                   2011                                             Revised October 22

Date Day Time Visitor Home Field


Aug. 23,5 Tu, Th 6:00 Training Camp Lincoln Heights -
Aug.   30 Tu 6:00  Assignment to Teams & Team Practices Lincoln Heights -
Sep.   10 Sa 12:30 Jamboree Scotia South -
Sep.  13  Tu 6:45 Tiger-Cats 6 Eagles 12 Scotia North-S -
Sep.  15 Th 6:45 Lions 6 Stampeders 6 Scotia South-S -
    6:45 Eskimos 0 Argonauts 18 Scotia South-N -
Sep. 17 Sa Noon Lions 32 Eskimos 6 Scotia North-S -
    Noon Stampeders 12 Tiger-Cats 16 Scotia North-N -
    Noon Argonauts 33 Eagles 18 Liverpool School -
Sep. 20 Tu 6:45 Lions 14 Argonauts 16 Scotia North-S -
Sep. 22  Th 6:45 Eagles 14 Stampeders 12 Scotia South-S -
    6:45 Eskimos 14 Tiger-Cats 28 Scotia South-N -
Sep. 24 Sa Noon Tiger-Cats 14 Lions 0 Scotia North-S -
    Noon Stampeders 6 Argonauts 28 Scotia North-N -
    Noon Eskimos 22 Eagles 22 Liverpool School -
Sep. 26 M 6:45 Stampeders 13 Eskimos 8 Scotia North-S -
Sep. 29  Th 6:45 Eagles 28 Lions 23 Scotia South-S -
    6:45 Argonauts 24 Tiger-Cats 16 Scotia South-N -
Sep. 30 F 6:30 Official Opening of Scotia North Scotia North -
Sep. 30 F 6:45 Pass, Punt and Kick Competition Scotia North -
Sep. 30 F 6:45 Fastest Player Competition Scotia North -
Oct.   1 Sa 8:45 Association Bottle Drive Various -
Oct.   1 Sa 3:30 Argonauts 14 Eskimos 8 Scotia South-S -
    3:30 Eagles 8 Tiger-Cats 6 Scotia South-N -
    3:30 Stampeders Lions  Liverpool School rained out
Oct.   4  Tu 6:45 Eagles Argonauts Scotia North-S Oct. 6
Oct.   6 Th 6:45 Eskimos 0 Lions  22 Scotia South-S -
    6:45 Tiger-Cats 35 Stampeders 13 Scotia South-N -
Oct.   6  Th 6:00 Eagles 12 Argonauts 36 Liverpool School -
Oct.   8 Sa 12:30 Stampeders 12 Eagles 36 Oromocto Turf-S -
    12:30 Argonauts 18 Lions 13 Oromocto Turf-N -
    12:30 Tiger-Cats14 Eskimos 12 Liverpool School -
Oct.   11 Tu 6:45 Lions 0 Tiger-Cats 0 Scotia North-S -
Oct.   13  Th 6:45 Eagles 12 Eskimos 16 Scotia South-S -
    6:45 Argonauts 16 Stampeders 6 Scotia South-N -


Date Day Time Visitor Home Field



Oct.  15 Sa 12:30 5th
Stampeders 12
Lions 8
Scotia South-S -
    12:30 6th
Eskimos 0
Tiger-Cats 40
Scotia South-N -

First Place vs Second Place Showdown

Oct.  15 Sa 12:30 2nd
Eagles 6
Argonauts 22
Liverpool School -

Championship Semi-Finals

Oct.  22 Sa 12:30 Second Seeded
Quarter-Final Winner
Stampeders 0
Argonauts 34
Scotia North-S -
     12:30 First Seeded
Quarter-Final Winner
Tiger-Cats 22
Eagles 8
Scotia North-N -

Consolation Final-Game One of Two Game Total Point Series

Oct.  22 Sa 12:30 Second Seeded
Quarter-Final Loser
Eskimos 8
First Seeded
Quarter-Final Loser
Lions 30

Liverpool School



Oct. 29  Sa 12:30 5th Place Game-Game Two of Series

Liverpool School

Second Seeded
Quarter-Final Loser
First Seeded
Quarter-Final Loser
     12:30 3rd Place Game Scotia South-S -
Second Seeded
Semi-Final Loser
Stampeders 12
First Seeded
Semi-Final Loser
Eagles 26
    12:30 Championship Game Scotia South-N -
Second Seeded
Semi-Final Winner
Tiger-Cats 18
First Seeded
Semi-Final Winner
Argonauts 22
           Scotiabank Park South is located on Knowledge Park Drive in Fredericton South. Two games will be played on this field at the same time. The Scotia South-S field is located closest to Knowledge Park Drive. This is a turf field that does NOT close in wet weather.
            Scotiabank Park North is located behind Willie O'Ree Place in Fredericton North. Two games will be played on this field at the same time. The Scotia North-S field is located closest to Leo Hayes High School. This is a turf field that does NOT close in wet weather.
             Oromocto Turf
is located beside Ridgeview Middle School on Waasis Road in Oromocto. Two games will be played on this field at the same time. The Oromocto Turf-S field is located closest to Waasis Road. This is a turf field that does NOT close in wet weather.
            Oromocto Hubbard Field
is located at Hubbard Elementary School on Hubbard Avenue. Hubbard Avenue branches off MacKenzie Avenue. Oromocto High School is located on the corner of MacKenzie Avenue and Miramichi Road. Going east from Fredericton, the second exit into Oromocto is Miramichi Road. Go straight through three traffic circles and past an Esso Station. Then turn right on to MacKenzie Avenue. 
Peterson/Gesner Field is located at Harold Peterson Middle School on St. Lawrence Avenue. St. Lawrence Ave. branches off Miramichi Road to the left at the third rotary. Going east from Fredericton, the second exit into Oromocto is Miramichi Road. 
             Lincoln Heights Field
is located on Adams Street just before the intersection with Goodine Street. There is a gravel driveway leading into a small parking lot. It is easy to miss. If the parking lot is full please park along Goodine Street. To reach the field from Lincoln Road turn on to Adams Street. From Vanier Industrial Drive turn on to Goodine Street and then on to Adams. On the Vanier Highway take Exit 5 and follow directions to Airport and Vanier Industrial Drive
             Liverpool School Field is located on Liverpool Street in Skyline Acres. Coming west from Oromocto take the Liverpool Street exit. 
             Times on above schedule are when games will start. Each game will be preceded by a practice. On weekdays we have the field starting at 6. On weekends we have the field starting at Noon. For up to date schedules and results, directions to playing fields, Refund Policy and other information, check out our Web Site at

            On days when it is wet
please check our website, especially on weekends. Please call the City of Fredericton Recreation Dept. at 460-2881 to see if the GRASS fields are open. If these grass fields are open we will most likely be playing. If the grass fields in Fredericton are closed, we will not play in Oromocto on the grass fields either. NOTE THAT THE TURF FIELDS DO NOT CLOSE IN WET WEATHER. We will attempt to reschedule cancelled games. Check our website for rescheduled games.

     Seeding for playoffs is based on final regular season standings.
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Stampeders Phil Huckins 453-9313
  Steve Melanson 625-8510  
Argonauts Darren Lawrence 457-1140
  Mitchell Bubar 472-8358
Tiger-Cats Derek Killam 260-8643
  Jake Hayden -
Eskimos Peter Mathews 455-6295
Lions Gordan Sheppard -
  Greg MacKay -
    John Mossman -
CHSMES Eagles Allison Brooks 238-0134