2000 C.A.M.F.A. Football Trivia Quiz

Question #14 (Posted Oct.24, 2000)

What is the name of the Saskatchewan Roughriders home stadium ?


Winner: Nick Coleman, Fredericton Junior Black Kats

Prize: Hamilton Tiger-Cats hat

Question #13 (Posted Oct.21, 2000)

In what city is the Canadian Football Hall of Fame located ?


Winner: Craig Prime, New Maryland Rams

Prize: Winnipeg Blue Bombers hat

Question #12 (Posted Oct.18, 2000)

What former Capital Area Minor Football Association player was the Most Outstanding Offensive Player in the 1991 Vanier Cup Game?


Winner: Ryan Soles, Nashwaaksis Axemen


Question #11 (Posted Oct.16, 2000)

The National Football League's AFC East Division boasts two Canadian-born placekickers.  Both are in fact from Oakville, Ontario.  What are their names and what teams do they play for?


Winner: Lindsay Anderson, Oromocto Grizzlies

Prize: Calgary Stampeders hat

Question #10 (Posted Oct.14, 2000)

What B.C. Lions kicker is the CFL's all-time leading scorer ?


Winner: Matt Ames, Northside Mounties

Prize: Calgary Stampeders hat

Question #9 (Posted Oct.11, 2000)

Who is the Head Coach of the St. Francis Xavier University X-Men football team ?


Winner: Connor Embleton, New Maryland Rams

Prize: Winnipeg Blue Bombers hat

Question #8 (Posted Oct.9, 2000)

What city will play host to the 2000 Grey Cup Game ?


Winner: Andrew Hickey, West End Rough Riders

Prize: Toronto Argonauts hat

Question #7 (Posted Oct.3, 2000)

In Canadian Football, the scoring of a single point on a punt or missed field goal, is called what? 


Winner: George Ingraham, Leo Hayes Junior Lions

Prize: Montreal Alouettes hat

Question #6 (Posted Sept.28, 2000)

Toronto Argonaut's Slotback #87 Derrell Mitchell is often called by his nickname.  What is it? 


Winner: John Chin, New Maryland Rams

Prize: Calgary Stampeders hat

Question #5
(Posted Sept. 23, 2000)

What trophy is awarded to the winner of the Canadian Intercollegiate Athletic Union's (C.I.A.U.) national football championship ?


Winner: Jake Thomas, Nashwaaksis Axemen 

Prize: Winnipeg Blue Bombers hat

Question #4 (Posted Sept. 19, 2000)

Montreal Alouettes star running back Mike Pringle is the second all-time leading rusher in CFL history. Who is the all-time leading rusher and what team did he play for?


Winner: Corey MacDonald, West End Rough Riders

Prize: Edmonton Eskimos Hat

Question #3
(Posted Sept. 17, 2000)

How wide, in yards, is a regulation size Canadian football field ?


Winner: Steven Basque, Northside Mounties

Prize: Toronto Argonauts Hat

Question #2
(Posted Sept. 13, 2000)

What Canadian Football League team is sometimes referred to as the "Boatmen" ?


Winner: Connor McCarthy, Wood Gundy Eskimos

Prize: Edmonton Eskimos Hat

Question #1
(Posted Sept. 10, 2000)

Who won the 1999 New Brunswick Bantam Football Championship ?


Winner: Mike McCarthy, Northside Mounties

Prize: Winnipeg Blue Bombers Hat