Capital Area Minor Football Association
 Fundraising Coordinator
Job Description

(1) Develop and execute group fundraising initiatives in concert with members of the Executive, Managers, Coaches and other Coordinators.  Present major fundraiser is "Varsity Gold" cards which are paid for by players at time of registration. 

(2) Distribute fundraising merchandise to team managers, collect money and unsold merchandise. Transfer money to Treasurer for deposit in bank. Keep track of merchandise.

(3) Organize at least one "Tag Day" at Boyce Farmers Market using one of the Fredericton teams.

(4) Work with teams raising money for their own use. Successful and low cost ventures include car washes, bottle drives, bagging groceries. Future consideration may be given to sale of "Clodhoppers" candy as a supplemental fundraiser.

(5) Organize a major "Raffle" fundraiser each year. 

(6) Work on developing a list of regular corporate donors. Create some form of recognition such as a sticker, poster, etc. that will enable donor to display their generosity to the public and to encourage them to donate each year.

(7) Develop new fundraising initiatives. The C.A.M.F.A. library has two books: "Fundraising for Sport and Recreation: Step-By-Step Plans for 70 Successful Events" and "More Fantastic Fundraising for Sport and Recreation: 70 Step-By-Step Plans" that can be used to help come up with ideas.

(8) Report on your area of responsibility at Annual General Meeting or at Executive Meetings as required.

(9) Find and train your replacement.