Capital Area Minor Football Association
Job Description

(1) Organize and execute an "Early" mail-out registration the first week of May. Early registration forms are to be mailed out
to all  prior years players eligible to play again in the upcoming season. Set up a list of computerized mailing labels.

(2) Arrange for registration sites. Fredericton- Northside Rink; Oromocto- Hazen Centre.

(3) Acquire appropriate equipment for registration: tables, chairs, signs, registration forms, pens, cash box, fundraising materials, team clothing, calculator, scales.

(4) Set up staffing of the registration desk at equipment fittings for early registered players. Train volunteers. Make sure all information on registration forms is completed.

(5) Staff the registration desk at General Registration. Train volunteers. Make sure all information on registration forms is completed.

(6) Collect registration money. Make sure cheque numbers or payment by cash is noted on registration forms. Record player name and division on all cheques. List cash payments on a piece of paper including player name, division and amount paid. Keep track of unpaid registration amounts, including funds due from Kidsport and Jump Start. Make sure Kidsport and Jump Start parents are given application forms. Transfer funds to Treasurer for deposit in bank.

(7) Keep one copy of registration forms on file by team and age group. Verify ages and weights as required.

(8) Build and maintain a computerized spreadsheet data base of players, coaches and volunteers. Microsoft Excel.

(9) Report on your area of responsibility at Annual General Meeting or at Executive Meetings as required.

(10) Find and train your replacement.