Capital Area Minor Football Association
 Program Coordinator- Men's Football
Job Description

The Men's Football Coordinator is responsible for running the Capital Area Gladiators Canadian Rules Football Club senior team. The coordinator's duties shall include the following:

(1) Recruit players and coaches for team. 

(2) Type up a team list. Set up a voicemail list for players. Send regular voicemails to players to remind them of practices, games, etc. Capital Area Minor Football will reimburse costs.

(3) Collect registration money. Coordinate distribution of equipment and game jerseys to players. Keep spare game jerseys. Submit players names and numbers for website.

(4) Make minor equipment repairs using the teamís repair kit. Coaches or C.A.M.F.A. equipment managers will handle major repairs. Attend to playersí cuts and scrapes during practices and games. 

(5) Keep track of game scores and those players on the team who scored points . Phone this information into C.A.M.F.A voicemail at 458-0824 so info can be put on website and in newspapers.

(6) Coordinate team pictures with association photographer. Collect money from players. Distribute pictures to players.

(7) Organize the teamís season end party. Pizza, pop and awards will be supplied by the association.

(8) Assist with return of equipment at the end of the season. This may involve picking up equipment from some players houses.  

(9) Report on your area of responsibility at Annual General Meeting or at Executive Meetings as required.

(10) Find and train your replacement.