Capital Area Minor Football Association
 Team Management Committee
Job Description

One energetic person can do the job all by themselves. Usually, however, several people will agree to form a committee to do these tasks. No knowledge of the game of football is required to do the tasks listed below. 

(1) Type up a team list. Set up a voicemail list or e-mail list for players. Send regular voicemails or e-mails to players to remind them of practices, games, etc. 

(2) Coordinate distribution of game jerseys to players. Keep spare game jerseys. Submit players names and numbers to registrar.

(4) Make minor equipment repairs using the teamís repair kit. Coaches or C.A.M.F.A. equipment managers will handle major repairs. Attend to playersí cuts and scrapes during practices and games. 

(5) Keep track of game scores and those players on the team who scored points (Middle School and Bantam only). E-mail this information to C.A.M.F.A.  so info can be put on website and in newspapers.

(6) Sell team and association clothing to players and parents. Return money to association treasurer. Keep track of unsold items.

(7) Coordinate team pictures with association photographer. Collect money from players. Distribute pictures to players.

(8) Organize selection of team participants in the C.A.M.F.A. Pass, Punt and Kick contest. Help with running the contest.

(9) Organize selection of team participants in Fastest Player Competition races. Help with the event.

(10) Organize the teamís season end party. Pizza, pop and awards will be supplied by the association.

(11) Assist with return of equipment at the end of the season. This may involve picking up equipment from some players houses.  

Note: Each manager will receive a free team or association T-shirt. As well managers get a team trophy and any other awards won by the team as a whole.