The "Gladiators 16 and Under Elite Team and Spring Football Skills Camp" operated for the first time in the spring of 1999. Annually the best 15 and 16 year old players from the Capital Area high schools are invited to participate in this program. Players cannot turn 17 in the year of play. 

Each player gets 30 hours of instruction from the best coaches in the Capital Area. Every participant receives two T-shirts: an official "Gladiators" shirt and a "Football New Brunswick Elite" shirt. 

In 2002 the "Gladiators" will play a two game series against Fundy (Saint John).  Two full high school length games are scheduled for May 26 and June 2.  An All-Star team will be chosen at the end of the two game series.

2002 Staff

Head Coach: Lee Hoyt
Offensive Coordinator: O.J. Burnett
Defensive Coordinator: Mike Dollimore
Quarterbacks and Receivers: Don Davis
Running Backs: O.J. Burnett
Offensive Line: Dominic Leach
Mike Dollimore
Defensive Line: Mike Dollimore
Linebackers: Kevin Pottle  
Defensive Backs: Lee Hoyt
Manager: Don Belliveau ( 459-3755)

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Program Objectives
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2002 Team
2001 Team

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2000  Team 

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1999 Team

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U16 Provincial All-Stars

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